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Health care system - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Main articles: Health care delivery, Health information management, and Health . Health care in Cuba consists of a government-coordinated system that .

Cuba's health care policy: prevention and active community ...
The evolution of the Cuban health care system since the revolution thus has . United States requires a national health insurance and service delivery system. .

Cuba's socialist government approached health care and designed their delivery system, using the systems analysis approach. This is exemplified in their .

The various models of healthcare delivery systems worldwide are examined with special focus on the United States and. Cuba, another Caribbean country. .


Dana Dexter

Re-examining the Cuban Health Care System: Towards a ...
vast majority of scholarly analyses of Cuba's health care system have been . that the socialist system did genuinely improve health and health care delivery. .

Cuba's Health Care System
Dr. Garcia Asensi outlined the structure of the Cuban health-care system, . level was linked with the appropriate level of government to assist delivery of service .

Lessons from Cuba: Integrating Community ... - CIR/SEIU Healthcare
The “consultorio,” which comprises the foundation of the Cuban health delivery system, is a neighborhood-based micro-clinic staffed by a family doctor and .

AMWA14-3 cover final
professionals who were interested in observing health delivery systems in the third world—in particular, the well-regarded, highly centralized system in Cuba. .

Health and Health Care In Cuba: The Transition from Socialism to ...
The Cuban Health System. Health and health care in Cuba appeared in the proceedings of the jury in which .

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Bilateral Relations Cuba - Swazilandia
Mar 31, 2011 . Embassy of Cuba in South Africa (concurrent in Lethoto and Swaziland) . a major boost to the improvement in the health care delivery system. .

Michael Moore's “Sicko” Takes on the Medical Industrial Complex ...
Jul 2, 2011 . Certainly, a dogged investigative reporter would uncover some shortcomings in the Cuban health care delivery system but I think it's safe to say .

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From Municipal Polyclinics to Family Doctor-and-Nurse - MEDICC
5-9 These clinics were defined as the Cuban health care system's basic unit, and . levels of medical attention (termed "regionalization" of healthcare delivery). .

How does US healthcare compare to the rest of the world? | News ...
Mar 22, 2010 . Is US healthcare any worse than that of the NHS? . We've looked at some key indicators on healthcare, from countries in the G8 - plus Cuba and China, . insurance] with the health care delivery "system" [disjointed point of .

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Cuban doctors in Swaziland
Cuban doctors in Swaziland. . authorities of the Kingdom and the population in general as a major boost to the improvement in the health care delivery system. .

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Technology and Evidence in Global Health Practice - Dialogue4Health
Feb 4, 2011 . The Cuban National Health Care Telecommunications Network and . health successes and health care delivery system innovations made .

Not Feminist, but Not Bad: Cuba's Surprisingly Pro-Woman Health ...
Coordinated Health Care Delivery. The Cuban health system coordinates three points of health care delivery: a family doctor in each neighborhood (one for .


Becca Cleary

Becca Cleary

HTA in primary health care in Cuba.
The project will, furthermore, have developed tools for costing health care delivery that can be adopted throughout the Cuban health system, and that might .

Right to Health – David Sanders, Hans Hogerzeil A framework to ...
HEALTH CARE DELIVERY SYSTEMS - FUNCTIONING. The health care delivery system in Cuba - P. De Vos et al. De Vos presented an analysis of functioning .

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On Socialist Fiscal Crises: Lessons from Cuba
Cuba is the only country to make access to health care a basic social right. Thus, Cuba's health care delivery system differs in scope and access from other .



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Reaction to DOH Sectretary Manuel Dayrit's Assessment on Health ...
It cheapens the dignity of our healthcare system and its workers when they are . at the Cuban model even alone for the priority it gives to its health care system, . is the culprit for the mess that the health care delivery system now finds itself in. .