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Bridget Edinger

Jurassic Park - Dinosaur Models, Props & Collectables
This prop can be seen near the beginning of the movie when Kirby persuades . Made out of resin and foam reinforced, this model kit casting has some terrific .

Logans Run Sandman Blaster (Flame gun) 1/1 Resin Prop Model ...
Logans Run Sandman Blaster (Flamegun) 1/1 Resin Prop Model Assembly Kit. . Model Kits, Military Model Kits, Movie & TV Model Kits, Other Model Kits A-Z .

Welcome to | Star Trek | Farscape | Batman ...
Scifi-Models produce the very best in scifi related movie and TV props. . TV props, t-shirts, key rings,resin kits, and rare high quality aluminium-machined props. .

Shawn Nagle Sculptor Artist Garage Model Kits Resin Toys Statues ...
collectible resin model kits, toys, statues, horror, sci-fi, figure model kits, comic books, movie posters, movie props, books and other rare hard to find unique one .


Dana Dexter

Shawn Nagle Sculptor Artist Garage Model Kits Resin Toys Statues ...
Sci-Fi Horror Superhero Garage Kits Resin Kits Plastic Kits Show Movie Props .

1:1 Bust SILENT HILL NURSE!! Resin Model Kit Movie Prop | eBay
1:1 Bust SILENT HILL NURSE!! Resin Model Kit Movie Prop in Entertainment Memorabilia , Movie Memorabilia , Props , Reproductions |eBay.

Open Directory - Shopping: Recreation: Models: Science Fiction
the entire directory, only in Models/ .

Tony Matteliano's Scale Model Index - Companies: N
Nagle Works: Shawn Nagle Sculptor Artist Garage Model Kits Resin Toy . horror sci-fi figure model kits movie posters movie props books and other rare hard to .

Scale Model Horror. Vinyl Hobby Figures and Monster Resin model ...
Scale Horror Monster Figure Model, kits, coldcast, statues, and .

Julie Levesque

Resin Models, Vinyl, Plastic Model Kits, Alien, Predator, Terminator ...
Plastic, Resin and Vinyl model kits of figures, space craft, cars and sci-fi for the fantasy, science fiction and horror genres . Replica Model Props . Ready made movie collectables are also available such as Figures, Cars and Die Cast Models . .

the ever growing aliens shop @
. is for you! eMerchandise: A huge selection of movie and TV related goodies! . Model kits, books, magazines, prop replicas, marine armor and more! Hobby Link . Imperial Hobbies: Visit this Canadian site for a great selection of resin kits! .

Laurie Lucier

Bladerunner resin gun kit?
Jul 23, 2010 . Discussion on Bladerunner resin gun kit? within the Replica Movie Props forum, part of the PROPS, COSTUMES and MODELS category; I'm .

Resin Movie Reproductions - Movie & Film Prop Store - Models ...
Formally Fiction and Fantasy Models of London and of the worldwide web this site is the third . We specialise in movie film prop items cast in resin for your collection. . Aliens USCM M240 Flamethrower Film Movie Prop Kit .

Laurie Lucier
On this site you can find how-to guides for making your own movie props, . The 6-piece resin kits I've been offering of the Sterling L2A3 parts, are now gone. .

Chris Irish

Pulse Rifle Resources, Tutorials, and Accessorries.
As a modeler and fabricator myself (building several quality PR's in the past) I do have a great . The company offers a wide range of movie memorabillia including prop replicas and has . Seven piece PULSE RIFLE resin kit 01.01.05 .

Stormtrooper E-11 Resin Kit Questions
Jul 10, 2010 . Discussion on Stormtrooper E-11 Resin Kit Questions within the Replica Movie Props forum, part of the PROPS, COSTUMES and MODELS .


Becca Cleary

Becca Cleary

Finishing a resin prop
Jul 3, 2010 . Discussion on Finishing a resin prop within the Replica . Blade Runner Collectibles: Blasters and Guns
I will give a little history to the movie props and point to some sites that sell replicas. And I . blaster kit at $125 to the completely built and hand finished version at $300. . so that the bolt will not be so loose as in most of the resin cast models. .

Lori Emerson - Office Administrator

Sidearm Prop Kits - Northstar Fantasy Tech Shop
Kit is cast in solid white resin and comes in a box showing the finished prop. . This is a prop model kit of the Han Solo Blaster version seen in The Empire Strikes . From the great series Firefly and the film Serenity, this is the pistol carried by .



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Starship Models
Revisit old favorites from classic sci-fi TV and movies. . movies. Part Time Models: Resin parts to detail your Nasa projects such as X33, Dyna Soar, Convair, and Gemini. . Gares Designs & Creations: Model kits and prop pro builder gallery of .