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Bridget Edinger

Gunman Wrote 'Letter to God' Before Death - Denver News Story ...
Mar 12, 2008 . DENVER -- Matthew Murray shot and killed four people at two . gunman Michael Murray penned a letter addressed to God in which he poured .

Matthew Murray's Parents: 'We Are Lost In Grief' - Denver News ...
Dec 12, 2007 . DENVER -- The parents of Matthew Murray broke their silence .

2007 Colorado YWAM and New Life shootings - Wikipedia, the free ...
Perpetrator(s), Matthew J. Murray . ...God, I can't wait till I can kill you people. . After the killing, police found a letter addressed "To God" by Murray in his car. .

Matthew Murray's letter to God before the Church shootings.
Founded in 2002. The mission of SermonIndex is the preservation and propagation of classical Biblical preaching and the promotion of .


Dana Dexter

More Pieces of the Matthew Murray Puzzle - Denver News - The ...
Mar 13, 2008 . That's Ronald Murray, the neurosurgeon father of New Life Church . Also released was Matthew's handwritten letter to God , found in his car in .

Church shooter left letter "To God" in car - The Denver Post
Jan 17, 2008 . Matthew Murray's rampage ended at New Life Church in Colorado . and a youth mission in Arvada wrote a letter addressed "To God" that was .

1st Irish NYC
CLICK HERE to read a letter of support from the President of .

"Where Sin Exceeds, Grace Superexceeds!" -- A Christian Novelist ...
Dec 13, 2007 . The open letter, included as an attachment with this press release (in two . A Christian Novelist Offers A Word of Hope to Matthew Murray's Family . assuring you that God still loves Matthew Murray, and will never give up .

Quotation Marks | Christianity Today | A Magazine of Evangelical ...
Apr 11, 2008 . Matthew Murray, in a letter addressed to God found in his car after his December shootings at a Youth with a Mission Center and New Life .

Julie Levesque

Man's evolution threatened by atheism - YouTube
Feb 28, 2011 . The following is a link to a letter written by Matthew Murray, who killed 4 . in Sweden roughly 12% actually believe in a god, putting atheists by .

The Nightmare of Christianity | The Nation
Sep 9, 2009. Web Letter (10); |; Write a Letter; |; Take Action; |; Subscribe Now . a deeply disturbed young man named Matthew Murray followed the . On an online chat room for former Pentecostals, Murray heaped . the eccentric rocket fuel inventor who prayed to the Greek god Pan after each successful launch. .

Laurie Lucier

Warwick soldier in Afghanistan / photo - Projo 7 to 7 News Blog ...
Sep 12, 2011 . Associated Press Photo / David Goldman Sgt. Matt Murray, 25, of Warwick, R.I., left, greets 2nd Lt. Andrew Ferrara, 23, of Torrance, Calif., while .

I hope you enjoy the song and it and makes you realise that God's blessings are all around us, . Matthew Murray . Matthew 6:25-27 . Letters to a Pastor .

Laurie Lucier

The December 7 Colorado Matthew Murray Shooting
Feb 25, 2009 . The following is a letter sent out regarding the Colorado shootings in a church . Also God is working in a mighty way and answering prayers. . Down at Arvada Matthew Murray ( the shooter) was seen hanging around and .

Chris Irish

Banner of Truth Trust - Banner of Truth publishes a wide range of ...
One Banner book you ought not miss -- JOHN ELIAS: LIFE, LETTERS, AND . Preaching that Gets Through: God's Word and our words . Iain H. Murray . 14.00 $ 28.00 Clothbound, Commentary on Matthew - The Gospel of the Kingdom .

Report details New Life church shooting - The Denver Post
Mar 13, 2008 . It mentions a letter to God written by the gunman in the deadly Dec. . details how Matthew Murray walked authoritatively into New Life Church, .


Becca Cleary

Becca Cleary

Shooter's lessons strict, rule-driven - The Denver Post
Dec 12, 2007 . The ultra-religious home-school curriculum that Matthew Murray ranted . on New Life victims; Jan 17: Church shooter left letter "To God" in car .

Gunman boasted of following 'wickedest man in the world'
Dec 14, 2007 . Letters to the Editor . Weeks before Matthew Murray armed himself with enough weaponry . Hero guard: 'It was me, the gunman, and God' .

Lori Emerson - Office Administrator

Hero Assam: God helped me shoot gunman Matthew Murray ...
Dec 12, 2007 . Hero Assam: God helped me shoot gunman Matthew Murray . Jeanne Assam yesterday told reporters that when gunman Matthew Murray .



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Shooting Survivors Forgive Gunman, Trust God, Christian News
Dec 14, 2007 . Where Was God During the Virginia Tech Shootings? . On Sunday afternoon, 24 -year-old Matthew Murray shot and killed Stephanie Works, 18, . Troy Davis Story: Letter to Supporters Written Just Before Death Revealed .