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Bridget Edinger

INDOOR AIR QUALITY ASSESSMENT Massachusetts Department ...
Massachusetts Department of Public Health Bureau of Environmental Health Assessment . 600-800 ppm acceptable air exchange. < 600 ppm is preferable in .

Public Health Fact Sheet on Radon -
Houses with little air exchange because of improvements to prevent heat loss .

Measurement of air exchange rate of stationary vehicles and ...
Department of Environmental Health, School of Public Health, Harvard University , Boston, MA 02115, USA. The air exchange rates or air changes per hour .

Indoor Air Quality | Region 7 | US EPA
As we seal buildings and reduce the rate of fresh air exchange in order to . In 1993, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health banned smoking on all .


Dana Dexter

Indoor Concentrations of Nicotine in Low-Income, Multi-family ...
Department of Environmental Health, Harvard School of Public Health, Boston,. MA, USA. 2 . Using a mass balance model to account for the air exchange rate, .

Online Monitoring of Air Quality at the Postanesthetic Care Unit by ...
*Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine, . Online control of ambient air exchange at the postoperative workplace may help in supervising air . A proton-transfer-reaction mass spectrometer system was used for online monitoring of . Although no cause-effect relationship regarding unfavorable health .

Virtual Airflow Calculator
Enter the number of times per hour that you would like total change of the air mass volume in that area. Enter the air flow specification of the air handler (fan) you .

Indoor concentrations of nicotine in low-income, multi-unit housing ...
1 Department of Environmental . mass balance model to account for the air exchange rate, . collaboration with the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) .

BioMed Central | Full text | Air pollution in Boston bars before and ...
Oct 27, 2006 . 1 Department of Public Health and Family Medicine, Tufts University . the air exchange rate method, which relies upon the mass-balance .

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Chemical Vapor Intrusion and Residential Indoor Air: Guidance for ...
Wisconsin Division of Public Health (DPH), Department of Health . have less fresh air exchange, which can increase the buildup of contaminants from soil . ridged drain tile and then into the sump, much of the VOC mass is efficiently stripped .

Ventilation (architecture) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Ventilation includes both the exchange of air to the outside as well as . Batteries in submarines also discharge hydrogen gas, which must also be ventilated for health and safety. . The mass balance equation is: . Ames, IA: Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering, Iowa State University, November 1994. .

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Actions to Reduce the Health Impacts of Air Pollution
Feb 4, 2011 . Given widespread exposure to air pollution, the attributable health burden can be . indoor environments, which is largely a function of air exchange and building . the intake fraction (the ratio of the total mass of a pollutant inhaled to the . Air Resources Board 2005; Ministry of Environment 2006a, 2006b). .

Boston Public Health Commission - Building a Healthy Boston
Intergovernmental Relations and Public Health Advocacy . MA Department of Public Health. US Centers for Disease . Change Text Size: SM. MED. LG .

Laurie Lucier

Final Report on an Indoor Environmental Quality Assessment of ...
Needham, MA 02494-2725 . Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals . Figure 5.17 Comparison of Short-term, House Average Air Exchange Rates by .

Chris Irish

Chapter 4 A ... - The Massachusetts Health Promotion Clearinghouse
From time to time, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health may update some of the materials. Please check the . maximize air exchange. Keep HVAC .

NCEF Resource List: Indoor Air Quality in Schools
Information on indoor air quality issues in school buildings, compiled by the National Clearinghouse for . Building Success, Leading Change: Stories of Healthy School Environments. . (Massachusetts Dept. of Public Health, Boston , 2007) .


Becca Cleary

Becca Cleary

Massachusetts Department of Public Health . Air Exchange Remediation begins at Estabrook. . This is a change from the parent meeting on September 1. .

An Introduction for Health Professionals | Indoor Air Quality | US EPA
This document may be reproduced without change, in whole or in part, without . MA; Jonathan M. Samet, M.D., University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM; David Swankin, Esq., Swankin and Turner, Washington, DC. . Indoor air pollution poses many challenges to the health professional. . Health Department Victoria. .

Lori Emerson - Office Administrator

Safe Use of Glutaraldehyde in Health Care
dilution of vapor and have a minimum air exchange rate of 10 air exchanges per hour . minimize dripping on other surfaces (NSW Health Department,. 1993). s .



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Energy Recovery Ventilator Equipment, Energy Recovery Wheels ...
Aug 1, 2011 . Outdoor air raises indoor air quality (IAQ) by reducing indoor air pollution improving the health and productivity of building occupants. . A recent study conducted for the U.S. Department of Energy estimates that wide spread .